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Branding is the name of the game

The final countdown

Success, happiness and prosperity belong to who can read the signs, exploit them and is willing to grow his box. To increase and optimize your visibility and exposure to the world, on the Internet and the marketplace, here are some simple steps you must consider.

  1.  Define your Brand
  2.  Find the most appropriate medias for your Brand
  3.  Claim your Custom URL
  4.  Post exclusive content
  5.  Grow your follower base through cross promotion and,
  6.  Always make sure to engage the influencers.
Content Strategy

Post exclusive, engaging content. Photo and video posts are the most engaging. And make sure to post at least every 72 hours.

Publishing Tips

Visual content is critical: Photos are nearly four times more engaging than any other post types and make up for 62% of the total interactions on any blogging or social network platform.

Post mostly weekdays in the morning: Engagement rates on the weekends drop off by more than 50%. Weekdays are mostly all equal with Wednesdays showing a slight advantage. 6 AM to 12 PM is the peak engagement period, 9 to 10 AM being the highest engagement hour of the day.

Post at least two times a week: And optimize your post content with keywords to boost your SEO rankings.

Make sure to insert your Brand name, your Website Name or link and any other key words describing your Brand in the About section of your Website or Blog: Some early researches indicate that one of the most important search signals for SEO engines such as Google is whether the query terms appear in the About section of either the Website, Blog or Social Network profile.

Publish some unique content: Your Website, Blog or Social Network Page shall concentrate on offering some unique exceptional pieces of content. Reposting will only result in lower engagement. People are looking for substance, for information engaging differently. Launching and keeping up with unique content will always prove to be a very good test for your brand.

Cross Promotion Strategy

Add your personal URL and a well-designed “Call to Action” as well as your well-defined “Mission Statement” to each and every one of your Public Relations, Communications and Social Media Platforms. Promote your content, events and products or services across each and every one of your Communications and Social Network Platforms.

Engaging Influencers & Growing Followers

Always make sure to engage with everyone that is interacting with you, especially with influential medias, people and corporations that align with your personal brand: Medias, people and corporations that are interacting with you and your content are your most valuable assets. Understand their motivation and evaluate all the possibilities of their network reach.

Explore all opportunities that are knocking at your door: Look for “Interesting People, Blogs and Website Pages”. Again, Medias, people and corporations that are interacting with you and your content are your most valuable assets. Whether under a generic or specific category, highlight their brand or personality in some way and, whatever you do, just make sure to acknowledge their significance and fully investigate how you can derive awareness of your presence from a mention on either their Blog or their page.

Alone, you are not getting anywhere.

To be continued…



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