Why Not Donald Trump for President?

The billionaire businessman is at it again

Donald J. Trump is known for his brash behavior and shameless bravado. For years he has given his personal and unwarranted opinion on everything including political matters. Now, he has set his sights on the presidency of the United States, and he doesn’t seem too worried about who he offends on his way there. Despite his claims and comments are often inaccurate, negative and divisive and a campaign that defies political, he continues to rise reaching new heights in opinion polls.

The Republican powers have never been on Trump’s side. But Trump, tapping into an anger and resentment among conservatives who feel that establishment politicians are ignoring their concerns and diminishing their issues and with his latest bit of political performance, is turning his party upside-down.

“Talk about issues”

The nine other Republican candidates for the investiture of their party, given the opportunity, will express their views and frustration regarding Trump’s campaign and behavior. Recently Mike Huckabee expressed his frustration at the single-mindedness of the reporters surrounding him: “Do we have another non-Trump question?” He asked. “I’m running for president, I’m not running for social media critic of someone else who’s running for president. Talk to me about issues.”

About Megyn Kelly

Following his unwillingness to commit to supporting the Republican nominee if he isn’t it, his general cluelessness about foreign policy specifics and the Megyn Kelly’s Incident, for some, it seems that Trump had lost the Republican crowd. But does that mean he lost his commanding lead he had in the latest round of public opinion polls? That we will soon find out.

Let me tell you: the Trump Show is far from over.


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