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Trump holds largest rally yet

The Republican Party is in total chaos.

Donald Trump brought 30,000 supporters from deep red Alabama to a Friday night pep rally, the latest sign that the Republican front-runner has broad, nationwide strength.

By any traditional and conventional measure, Trump is not a viable candidate. Yet he continues to dominate news coverage and the Republican race to the presidency of the United States. Thus far, there is no indication that his transgressions have caused the plunge in his poll numbers that the Republican Party and its more traditional members so eagerly anticipate.

Trump made his initial mark in this campaign with his demagoguery about illegal immigration and he is now endorsed by Republican Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, widely respected for his commitment to border security, American workers and immigration control.

Significant numbers of voters seem to be demanding authenticity and Trump is everything about authenticity.

Again, The Trump Show is far from over!


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