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donald for president

Donald Trump, a new reality to live with!

Donald Trump insults and exaggerates; he dismisses the need for public policy ideas; he gets confused about world affairs and, sometimes says things that flat-out aren’t true. And the cheers from his backers and supporters are only growing louder.

By the standards voters typically judge a presidential candidate and according to the media, The Donald should not even have survived his first day in the 2016 race. Yet as the summer draws to a close, Trump is still maintaining himself as the Republican front-runner.

Donald Trump is everything except politically correct; he is showing attitude and showmanship; he his vocal; he does not need anyone money; he cannot be bought; he is in a real total and absolute “Fuddle Duddle You” position.”

How refreshing that is!

Like water on the back of a duck

Trump’s uncanny ability to repeatedly stumble without any consequence other than increasing his popularity is befuddling his rivals. Uniting people, capitalizing on a people’s deep-rooted anger and frustration with the nation’s political leaders, President Barack Obama and all the conservative Republicans who haven’t sufficiently stood up to the Democratic administration, Trump is now defying all laws of electoral and political gravity.

Notwithstanding his obviously apparent political flaws, a now growing part of the American population is more and more entranced by Trump’s combination of self-assurance, his record of business success and the promise that his bank account is big enough for him to remain insulated from all the forces and evils they believe have poisoned the traditional politicians.

Trump may have started as a joke, but he may now be the real deal

It is these same flaws that the media and his opponents are imputing on him that make Trump even more popular and credible for a growing majority of the American voters. For these backers, voters and supporters who no longer trust or believe in the traditional establishment’s candidates who are constantly adapting their action and speech only to get elected, Trump his saying, no matter what the situation may be, what he believes in. Trump stands by his words and People know were he stands and what is to be expected.

It is a totally new social and political paradigm that is unfolding

Trump’s foibles just make him appear stronger than all his so-called presidential opponents. Even during his least flattering moments, his backers and supporters will emerge even more confident in his presidential capacity. For most of them, they may not have voted for years, they may not vote next year but today, Donald Trump is the answer to their prayers. For this majority of voters and supporters, it is those flaws that make him the leader America needs.


JMD is an enthusiastic writer, columnist and social activist who most enjoys evolving in complex interactive situations.



Original story : http://www.ctvnews.ca/world/trump-defies-political-gravity-thanks-to-fed-up-voters-1.2551146