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Trump_The Disrupter

“Despairing white middle-class has long yearned for a white knight to fight for it against the global economic elite.” – Trump is that white knight.

Trump, to enter the race to the GOP nomination, from a billionaire real estate mogul, has entirely reinvented himself and could soon attempt another transformation. In words and deeds, he built his GOP candidacy by antagonizing Latinos and Muslims, immigrants and women, Jews and African-Americans, Asian Americans and the disabled. If he walks away now from his vows to deport 11 million illegal immigrants and to block Muslims from coming into the United States, he would abandon the source of his real political power: the rage of angry despairing white American middle-class.

Trump’s next move will be to capitalize on the outraged and despairing American middle class minorities and ethnic groups. His next story line: “I fight for all of you, I fight for America, I want you and America to be great again, without you, there is no America.” In this scenario, Trump will depict himself as the only one that can successfully fight against the establishment and the global economic elite. The narrative will go like this: “I cannot be bought, I cannot be blackmailed, I know these people, and I was one of them. I was greedy, I am now greedy for you, I am greedy for America, I want to make America great again, and I want to make you great again.”

Starting now, Trump will talk and act as if he was already elected as an assertive and authoritarian president demonstrating true leadership and determination. Instead of bullying and arguing with his opponents, he will ignore them and bring new people under the spotlight with him, people showing leadership and determination, people successful showing resilience with a proven track record demonstrating outstanding performance and results. This will no longer be a popularity contest. This will be the ultimate demonstration of the Trump power.

The question is not if Trump is going to win the nomination of the GOP, Trump will be the Republican nominee. The real question is: whom, from Hilary or Sanders, will Trump have to face for the presidency and can he be successful. The answer to this one is easy: whomever Trump has to face, he will emerge the winner. Facing Sanders would be a closer call but still.

While Trump is a billionaire capitalist turned as a greedy, greedy, greedy socialist and Sanders a self-avowed socialist, both men have tapped into a similar zeitgeist, as Americans are increasingly angry about stagnant incomes and a lack of economic opportunity despite the recovery since the global financial crisis. Trump’s supporters are convinced that he will “make America strong again” while Sanders’ fans believe that he will make the country more equitable for all Americans.

Trump is no longer in the GOP nomination race mood. He is now in the presidential race mood. This is a revolution of the middle class, a revolution of the people. Trump winning Iowa tonight, nobody other than Sanders can stop him.

To be continued…



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