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Changing your life starts with the small, consistent changes you make day to day.

Since the beginnings of humanity, everyone of the world’s most successful and influential people and leaders, have been defined by their daily routines and lifestyles. Taking responsibility for your own motivation and intentions is a timeless activity, one that can lead to astronomical and heroic accomplishments.

Whoever you are, whatever your condition and wherever you may live, your mind will always dictate your reality. Believe in yourself, believe that you can and you will. You will achieve all your dreams and goals. Every single day, make plans and execute them. Welcome every day of your life and get up with the people. Time and consistency are key.

Consistency is how you create results. Every day, focus on what is important, on what you can do to improve yourself and others. Just remember, we never get where we are going alone and gratitude as well as empathy will go a long way. Give to your friend, to your family and your team. Speak with intention. Stay in integrity and act with regality.

If you want to be perceived as a leader, act like one. Start listening to your inner voice, that voice that tells the truth about you. Stop listening to your ego. Stop lying to yourself.

Train yourself to hear and see the truth and: Act on it!


Owner of Bunkumless.com and King Global Earth and Environmental Sciences Corporation, JMD, a former attorney, is a Columnist for The Futurist Daily News and editor of the Social and Political Blog JMDlive.com  Follow JMD @ jmdlive