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Never underestimate the danger of associating with the unhappy and miserable.

The people you associate with are critical.

Those misfortunes among us who have been brought down by circumstances beyond their control deserve all the help and sympathy we can give them. But there are others who are not born to misfortune or unhappiness, but who draw it upon themselves by their destructive actions and unsettling effect on others. It would be a great thing if we could raise them up, change their patterns, but more often than not it is their patterns that end up getting inside and changing us. Humans are extremely susceptible to the moods, emotions, and even the ways of thinking of those with whom they spend their time.

The incurably unhappy and unstable, believe me on this one, have a particularly strong infecting power because their characters and emotions are so intense. They often present themselves as victims, making it difficult, at first, to see their self-inflicted miseries. Before you realize the real nature of their problems, you already have been infected by them. In the game of power, the people you associate with are critical. The risk of associating with the unhappy and unlucky is that you will waste valuable time and energy trying to free yourself. Never underestimate the danger of associating with the unhappy and miserable.

There are many kinds of unhappy and unlucky people to be aware of, but one of the most insidious is the sufferer from chronic dissatisfaction.

There is only one solution: quarantine.

Protect yourself from the negative influence of the unhappy and unlucky by learning on how to judge people on the effects they have on the world and not on the reasons they give for their problems. They can be recognized by the misfortune they draw on themselves, their turbulent past, their long line of broken relationships, their unstable careers, and the very force of their character, which sweeps you up and makes you lose reason. Learn to see the discontent in their eye. Do not take pity. Do not enmesh yourself in trying to help. The unhappy and unlucky will remain unchanged, but you will be unhinged.

On the other hand, there are people who attract happiness to themselves by their good cheer, natural buoyancy, and intelligence. They are a source of pleasure, and you must associate with them to share the prosperity they draw upon themselves. All positive qualities influence our lives. Use the positive side of this emotional osmosis to advantage. Associate with the generous souls and you will attain greatness. Gravitate to the cheerful. Befriend the gregarious. Never associate with those who share your defects, they will only reinforce everything that holds you back. Only create associations with positive affinities and you will benefit more than from all the therapy in the world.

There is nothing to be gained by associating with those who infect you with their misery; associate with the fortunate.


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