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King Nebra Serekh

King Nebra’s serekh  in Abydos – c. 2880 B.C.


“God hath made the universe

And He hath created all that therein is…

He is the Creator of the world,

And it was He who fashioned it with His hands

Before there was any beginning …

What His heart conceived came to pass…

And when He had spoken His word came to pass,

And it shall endure forever.”

Neb Ra Techer “God Almighty”

Nebra or “Ra Neb” is the name of the second early Egyptian king of the 2nd dynasty that ruled Ancient Egypt thirty-nine years according to the ancient Greek historian Manetho and ten or fourteen years according to modern Egyptologists.

Nebra ruled Egypt c. 2850-2880 B.C., either from 2820 B.C. to 2790 B.C. according to some, from 2800 BC to 2785 BC according others or even from 2765 B.C. to 2750 B.C. and little is known about Nebra’s reign.

What is more interesting is Nebra’s serekh name, since it is incorporating the hieroglyphic sign of the sun, which, according to scholars had not yet become the object of divine adoration during Nebra’s lifetime. In his lifetime, c. 2850 BC, the most important religious cults were concentrating on the preservation of the dualistic equal status of the state patrons Horus and Seth and, nothing was more important than keeping that divine balance and the kings themselves were seen as the living representation of both, Horus and Seth.

The sun was seen as a celestial object either controlled by Horus or Seth.

Nebra was the first king who connected his birth name with the name of Ra, starting the great religious belief that Egyptian kings were the living representation of the sun alongside with Horus and Seth.

King Nebra might actually have been the first king who adopted extended thoughts about the sky and the sun as a source of life.

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